Kollektion: Outdoor & More - interior and exterior chalkpaint with built-in sealer

Nordic Chic® Outdoor & More is a waterbased, heavy duty furniture paint, which is universially suitable for interior and exterior use. It is zero VOC and solvent free. Outdoor & More can give your furniture an exciting new look where ever that extra bit of performance is needed: outdoors and on heavily used surfaces like tables, chairs etc. - and no extra sealing is required.

This paint is certified with the EU eco-label and EN 71-3 (safe for childrens furniture and toys)

What to paint:

Give your kitchen and bathroom cabinets a well deserved makeover and wall panels and trims now that you are at it. You can also paint your walls with it - it is easy to clean if used on areas with lots of traffic.

How to:

Make sure the surface is clean, dry and free of grease and penetrating substances. Remove loose coats of old paint or lacquer first. If necessary prime bleeding wood with Nordic Chic® Primer.

Apply two coats of Outdoor & More, lightly sand in between coats with fine grit sandpaper. We recommend to use Nordic Chic® Paintbrushes.

Drying time:

Leave first coat to dry for approx. 12 hours before sanding; the second coat will be touch dry after about 1 hour, depending on the temperature. Let the paint cure for up to 14 days.


Approx. 10-12 m²/litre. Can be thinned with water.

Cleaning tools:

The paintbrushes are cleaned with warm soapy water. Storage: Keep lid tight and store in a cool but frostfree area and out of reach of children.

 Remember colours viewed on any screen are not allways 100% correct - see a handpainted colourcard for true reference to colour.  Buy it here