About Us

Nordic Chic is a family owned company based in Denmark, who is dedicated to producing an eco-friendly paint based on clay, chalk and minerals. Nordic Chic has the EU eco-label and can be used on nearly all materials such as wood, glass, metal, plastic and old painted surfaces etc. It is primarily developed to be used on furniture but you can paint on almost any surface. It contains NO VOC’s and NO nasty smells – it is good for both you and our environment!

If you would like to pamper yourself or your customers, this paint is the most exclusive you can offer. It is ideal to use if you want to create for example a “shabby chic” look. There are endless variations in colors, because you can mix and tone the 31 colors as you wish.

We also offer a wax for the finishing touch. It comes in a clear and a rustic version and is based solely of natural ingredients and has NO VOC’s and no nasty smells. It will give the painted surface a silky feel and it seals the paint so you can wipe it over with a damp cloth. We also carry a Nordic Chic Topcoat, which will offer an even stronger protection for your furniture in the daily wear.

Finally, we can also supply you with our superior paint and wax brushes, all made from natural bristles and wooden handles. They are glued in the top so they will last for many years if taken good care of. The prices are unbeatable and so is the quality – they are made in Europe and comes in 5 sizes. All printed with our exclusive logo.

We have a beautiful handprinted colourchart so you or your customer can get the best impression of the colours.

We are marketing Nordic Chic on facebook and our website, where there will be a list of retailers and tips and tricks and many more things.

We also have a Pinterest page where we seek to connect with the customers.

You are very welcome to write to us if you are interested in becoming a retailer/country distributor, send a mail to  info@nordicchic.dk.