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Bio Savvy® Stain

Bio Savvy® Stain

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Bio Savvy® Stain is a waterborne alkyd, soya oil, interior and exterior stain.
Bio Savvy® Stain is
  • biobased,
  • nontoxic, 
  • fume free,
  • zero VOC, and
  • non-flammable
Bio Savvy® Stain was developed to be environmentally and human friendly. Bio Savvy® Stain is 100% biodegradable and contains no solvents, crystalline silica, formaldehyde or aromatic carbons.
Bio Savvy® Stain is safe to apply indoors without requiring protective respiratory equipment and ventilation.
Bio Savvy® Stain is transparent and penetrates deep into the substrate to enhance inherent beautiful characteristics of wood, stone, concrete, and other textured porous surfaces.
Bio Savvy® Stain colors can be layered, blended, and diluted with water to create multi-dimensional unique tones.
The patented formula of Bio Savvy® Stain allows for enhanced flow and leveling during application. The waterborne alkyd technology will dry to a durable finish resistant to cracking, peeling and blistering. The natural soya oil resin helps create a durable, water resistant finish without requiring an additional topcoat varnish.
An excellent choice for your garden furniture and shed.
Each 8 oz tin covers approx. 5-7 m2 
8 oz. 

• 100% Biodegradable
• No need to wipe back
• Exterior Grade
• Colors can be layered with other Bio Savvy Stains
• Easy cleanup with water
• Dries quickly
• Covers more than traditional stain

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