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Nordic Chic

Nordic Chic@ Topcoat, 500 ml

Nordic Chic@ Topcoat, 500 ml

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NORDIC CHIC TOP COAT is a clear enamel paint to be applied on
wood, which has been treated with Nordic Chic Furniture Paint.
A zero-VOC, solvent free eco-friendly, brush on top coat, which gives a
nice silky surface, that you can wipe of with a damp cloth. It will protect
the surface and it does not require the same maintenance as the wax.
Coverage: Approximately 70-90 millilitres per square metre. Half a liter
is enough for 6-8 square metres – depending on the properties of the

Our NEW FORMULA Topcoat can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Colour: Clear
Thinner: n/a - product is ready-to-use.
Drying Time: Depending on room temperature and relative humidity,
the product will normally be touch dry after 15-30 minutes and ready for
sanding down after 45 minutes. The surface can be given the second coat
after approx. 2 hours.
Preparation: The surface should be dry, absorbent and free from grease
and dust.
Application: Apply Nordic Chic Top Coat undiluted in two coats.
A light sanding is advisable after the first coat has dried
(grain size 180 – 240). Apply Nordic Chic Top Coat thinly.
Tools: Brush, roller or a suitable spraying device (e.g. Airless or Aircoat).
Apply sparingly. Use soapy water for cleaning the tools.
Storage: Store containers tightly sealed in a cool but frost-free place.
Ingredients: Water, earth pigments, tensides, mineral filling material,
vinegar ester, 0.1% synthetic preservative (MIT / BIT)
Safety: Even if non-poisonous keep out of the reach of children.
Disposal: Allow unused enamel paint to dry. Get rid of the leftovers
according to the local rules in force. Do not dump into the drain.
VOC Directive: VOC-Content (g/l): 0.01



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