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Nordic Chic® Wall - colour "Blushing Bride" - clay & chalk walllpaint

Nordic Chic® Wall - colour "Blushing Bride" - clay & chalk walllpaint

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Would you like the walls inside your home to be breathable, humidity regulating and antistatic? 

Then look no further - Nordic Chic® introduces our new wall paint "Wall". This new paint is primarily based on clay, which means it is a good humidity regulator in the home. The paint absorbs and releases moisture as needed. At the same time, minerals are released from the clay, instead of harmful solvents, which means that you get a very healthy indoor climate.

Indoor wall paint based on clay is both easy to apply, durable and covers fantastic! 

Nordic Chic® Wall, like our furniture painting, is labeled with the EU's Eco-label. It is completely free of VOC (volatile organic compounds) and toxic degasses and there is absolutely no bad odor when painting.

If you can say yes, you want a healthy indoor climate, then Nordic Chic® Wall is just the indoor wallpaint for you. 

Why choose indoor wallpaint based on clay?

  • Clay paint is breathable and diffusion open - unlike acrylic or plastic paint that acts as a sealed plastic bag and does not provide moisture exchange.
  • Clay paint can absorb moisture and release it when necessary
  • Clay is an ancient material and it is used in everything from facemasks to building materials
  • Clay contain a lot of negative ions that act as antioxidants
  • Clay absorbs for example radiation from mobile phones and microwave ovens. In the culture of ancient Indians, Clay was recognized as a healing means.

So there are plenty of good reasons to choose Nordic Chic® Wall Paint - based on clay.
With Nordic Chic® Wall, you also get beautiful matte surfaces with lots of depth in the color.
Nordic Chic® Wall comes in a 2.5 liter container. It is available in 6 colours. Like the furniture paint, the colors can be mixed and toned to you own personal edition. The coverage is fantastic, some surfaces only need one coat. 6-8 m2 per liter.



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