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Swedish Posy - Redesign with Prima Mould

Swedish Posy - Redesign with Prima Mould

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Swedish Posy

This pretty Décor Mould® design was inspired by the hand-carved wooden mouldings found in traditional Swedish 18th century manor houses.

The design features a flower & leaves scroll, circular flower rosettes, bullseye roundels, and mouldings found on furniture and walls in country houses. The Décor Mould® designs have natural imperfections to replicate the look of traditional 18th century wooden hand-carved mouldings.

These pretty designs were inspired by the designers travels to Sweden, where she visited many country homes.
During the Gustavian era, these country residences were used by wealthy families to retire to during the summer months and were often ornately designed in a French-inspired Rococo style with delicate floral and bird motifs, muted pastel colours, and delicate, carved wooden mouldings.

Pair with any of our other products from the Swedish Posy Collection for a beautifully coordinated project, or room!

Redesign’s Décor Moulds® are durable, oven-safe, food-safe, and of the highest quality, allowing a variety of materials, including resin, hot glue, modeling material, and more, to help you create unique castings that are perfect for a variety of DIY projects.

Size: 12,7 x 20,32 cm



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